Fedora-35Beta is fast and slick

I’m very impressed with the speed of Fedora-35Beta/Gnome-41. My desktop with only 3.4GB of RAM struggled with Ubuntu (a couple of years ago) and is fine on Fedora-34, but my impression is that with 35 the desktop is faster.
Gnome seems to have it just right now. Even the way workspaces are dealt with is clever. The hot-corner that kept catching me out can be switched off with Settings > Multitasking > Hot Corner.

I’d like to keep the Dash onscreen because it saves me one click, but that’s just personal taste (laziness?).

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The dash pops up with the win/super key. Easier for me than moving the mouse to the upper left corner to click then center bottom to select.

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@computersavvy I use that sometimes, but it’s an extra keypress. Maybe installing Plank would work, provided it doesn’t spoil the rest of the interface.

You could install dash-to-dock.


Would it mess anything else up? I really like Gnome as it is now.

It just adds a permanent dock with the same contents as the dash.

It is an extension so if it breaks something else you can just disable or remove it.

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Looks like source code on Git which requires the dreaded compilation which never works for me.

You can install it from the gnome extension store.

Alternatively, I am not sure about F35 but on F34 it is packaged as gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock

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naaahh !
it should read Gnome-41

I got distracted by the options for Downloads and Homepage and didn’t see the obvious On/Off switch. There are at least four available:
dash-to-plank - not available for Wayland.
floating dock (fmoreira) - not available for Gnome-41.
dash-to-dock - not available for Gnome-41.

Floating dock (sun_wang) - Looks promising, I’ve installed it and will see how it goes. Thanks!

Attention: not all extensions in the Fedora 35 repositories are really compatible with Gnome 41. Fedora 35 is an excellent product again.

I’ve tried loads of distributions and stuck with Ubuntu Budgie for a few years as it was quick and attractive and importantly had rapid and un-patronising support. I abandoned it for Fedora-34 temporarily after two successive versions where the installer had a bug (that’s scary!). Fedora has an interface which is as modern as Ubuntu-vanilla and as fast as Ubuntu-Budgie.

Hard luck - you’re stuck with me now as I really like Fedora!