Fedora 36 having 2 displays in settings (despite only one being used and available)


Upgraded to to fedora workstation 36 just now and noticed on restart that the screen was completely off center, so went into display settings, to discover there are two monitors available, one being my regular and used monitor, with it’s full resolution, the other one being an unknow display only having 800x600 as resolution

of course it was not present on fedora 35 and there’s no second monitor

any hint on that?

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I got the same bug since the update. I fixed it by changing the resolution and then by changing it back. I also see a second monitor (1024 x 768). Which persists even after adding a real 2nd monitor. My 2nd monitor now shows up as a 3rd monitor. Everything works fine now but after restarting it the issue is back and with 2 monitors, 1 monitor bleeds over into the other.
If you have a NVIDIA card like me (I have a GTX750), I think it’s safe to say it’s caused by the new NVIDIA - Wayland configuration. But I don’t know how fix it persistently.

Yes i have a nvidia card, but it’s a GT530 so no wayland for me…anyway apart from the nuisance, after having done same things as you everything seem to work fine, at least…