Fedora 36: USB C Dock disappears after suspend/sleep

This problem is new to Fedora 36. Everything described here worked fine in Fedora 35.

I have a Framework laptop attached via USBC to a dock that hosts my monitor via HDMI, keyboard, trackpad, and 2.4GHz mouse dongle (all via USB A).

Everything works when the dock is plugged in.

When the system goes to sleep, either because it was left idle or by shortcut keys, the dock essentially disappears from the system.

In Fedora 35, moving the mouse, clicking the trackpad, or touching a keyboard key would wake the system and everything returned to working order.

In Fedora 36, none of those behaviors wake the system. I have to physically open the laptop to wake the system, but that does not wake the USBC dock. I have to physically disconnect the dock from the USBC port and reattach it. This wakes the keyboard, mouse, trackpad, and monitor.

My laptop is docked 98% of the time, so this has made using Fedora 36 EXTREMELY frustrating.