Fedora 37 released! Fedora 35 reaches end of life in December '22!

Fedora 37 has been released! Feel free to upgrade existing Fedora 35 and 36 installations the usual way:
DNF System Upgrade :: Fedora Docs (if you have Silverblue or Kinoite, see @hhlp 's post below)

Be aware: Fedora 35 is reaching its end of life and will be no longer supported after 13th December! This means that there will be no longer updates, especially no security updates, after 13th December for Fedora 35! Therefore, we strongly suggest to update Fedora 35 installations to Fedora 36 or 37. Fedora 36 will be supported for another 6 months!

@mattdm shares on Fedora Magazine what F37 brought us:

  • How to Upgrade to the Newer Version:



Silverblue and Kinoite