Fedora 37 update problem.cause Failed to execute transaction: package protonvpn-1.0.0-3.noarch is already installed nothing comes even updates do not go


Fedora 37 update problem


update problem

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Hello @tolya and welcome to ask :fedora:

  1. Did you do the dnf upgrade --refresh step before attempting the upgrade?
  2. Are you trying to upgrade while connected to a VPN?
  3. Are you trying to use dnf or gnome software to do the upgrade?

I am moving this to a different category since it does not as yet seem a common issue status.

I also faced a similar issue! Upgrade not possible due to packages from extra repos installed.
I had to uninstall protonvpn-gui supergfxctl asusctl to be able to upgrade.
On my side I upgraded graphically through Gnome Software/not through dnf
Issue is also reported on Reddit by other users : https://www.reddit.com/r/ProtonVPN/comments/yxfdmw/fedora_linux_37_support/

The issue is commonly known. For a very long time it has been recommended that users be very selective in which 3rd party software is installed for exactly this reason. Potential incompatibility and conflicts with fedora software and/or upgrades.