Fedora accounts ... avatar

Really low priority problem :sunglasses: and I’m not sure where to ask this question, so I’ll try here!
The profile I have for my Fedora account (https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/) allows me to add an avatar. This is done on Fedora through libavatar. My picture is successfully uploaded on libavatar but never shows up on my Fedora account.
I just see

Is there something special about the format of the picture that is causing this? (I tried several formats with the same result).

Did you upload your picture for your e-mail address or for OpenID? You can add your OpenID to Libravatar in the form of https://username.id.fedoraproject.org, for example mine is https://ersen.id.fedoraproject.org.

Yes, it’s identified by the openid. When I click on the change avatar button on the fedora profile page, I get sent to libavatar which then sends me back to Fedora for authentication.

Some Fedora services uses e-mail for avatars and some uses OpenID. Looks like Fedora Accounts page uses e-mail address for getting avatars from the Libravatar.

Well neither seen to work for me. The email addresses are the same on both systems.