Fedora Council statement on Richard Stallman rejoining FSF Board


Fedora Community can claim to be beyond software but it isn’t unarguably a judge of anything. For this issues, we’ve got democracy, laws and lawyers, not software. If not, then consider the following, for example:

  1. Is Fedora fobidden in Russia, North Korea, China or Myanmar?
  2. Does Fedora Community do something to prevent the use of free software with military purposes?
  3. Does Fedora Community stuggle against racism, sexism or the current rising of fascism around the world that we all are being witness of?
  4. Does Fedora Community contribute to eradicate famine in the third world or the exploit of children who work so that you can have your Nike sport shoes or your “smart” phone?

I guess that the answer to all this questions is “no”. Then, Fedora Community, amongst many other corporations that have joined for the same purpose, isn’t legitimate to ruin one’s life in such a hypocrite way, whether it agrees or not with his/her believes, opinions or acts. Mr. Richard Stallman hasn’t commited a crime and the things that he has done for free software far overwhelm his defects for being misogynist. After all, everybody is free (something that you claim to defend) to feel hate, as hate is in human nature.

@Matthew Miller. I’m still waiting for the answer of Ask Fedora’s moderator group to the question that I posted a few weeks ago.

I wouldn’t like to think that you’re practising censorship, as Fedora Council has done by making impossible to add comments in Fedora Magazine’s article that heads this message. Perhaps you were afraid that many people were aware of the 6064 supporters of Mr. Richard Stallman against his 3012 detractors (by now).


Finally, I just hope that all the corporations that threatened to give up using the GPL fulfil their intention. It would be a contradiction to dismiss Mr. Richard Stallman while keep using the licence that he created for the sake of free software.

Has already Fedora Community decided on the software licence which will protect all its projects from now on?


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