Fedora Documentation missing

What has happened to latest Fedora Documentation. When I go to the site I can only find Fedora versions up to 26. Nothing later.

The site I am sent to from the https://start.fedoraproject.org/ page is https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/

Hello @gregbath & welcome to the community! If you have the time, please do take a few minutes to go over the introductory posts in #start-here. They contain lots of useful information.

Due to the ongoing datacenter move, there are quite a few outages today. It appears that parts of the documentation are affected as well.

Were you looking for something in particular in the docs? Maybe we can help you here.


This is pinned in the #community category:

Also see:


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I was looking for the IOT documentation. I have ordered a new ARM v8 SBC and was wanting to see what options I had for installing Fedora on it. The device will take a couple of weeks to arrive so I have time to wait.

Thanks for the link to the status page. I had looked at the Datacenter move note but I had misunderstood the total timeline.

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Docs for IOT are here:

Yes, you are right, since this is the beginning of Fedora IOT, the documentation is still missing a lot.

Check out https://iot.fedoraproject.org/ as well and feel free to contribute - after all Fedora and its documentation needs to be created and maintained by the community

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