Fedora Silverblue MATE


I don’t want spend valuable time of devs here or anything.

I really want to love my Silverblue desktop!

However in my experience, Kinoite and vanilla (GNOME) Silverblue are not optimal.

KDE is too buggy and GNOME lack many options and the general problem of GNOME devs that dismiss many valid criticisms (not trying to stir up a fight).

However is the most stable of the 2.

And I was wondering…how cool would be to have a MATE version/spin of Fedora Silverblue.

It would be a dream, actually.

Just starting a conversation here.

Some Fedora users would be thrilled with MATE on Fedora Silverblue.

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Maybe better on discussion.fedoraproject.org

It would be great to see many variants of such immutable OS.


I agree.