Fedora Verify 443


I want to manually verify fedora iso, but I am getting error 443 for this webpage: https://getfedora.org/verify

I am curious about whether others are getting the same error

Also, is there another source of information I could use to verify Fedora Workstation 32.1.6 iso checksums and such?

Thank you

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There is a new link: https://getfedora.org/security/

You can also download the CHECKSUM file and the public GPG key directly.


Thank you vgaetera; the resources worked


The question if the old link https://getfedora.org/verify is still in use somewhere… if so, please report us where so the problem can be fixed on the web page. Thanks

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Yes Florian; I found the link I asked about in this page https://fedoramagazine.org/verify-fedora-iso-file/

If you scroll down to the text 1. Get the CHECKSUM for your ISO

When you download a Fedora ISO from getfedora.org, there is a button in the splash page with a link to the CHECKSUM file. Download this file and save it in the same directory as the ISO image itself. However, if you previously downloaded an ISO, or got it from another source like a torrent, the verify page lists all the current CHECKSUMs.

The link verify page lists all the… Is the one with the 443 link

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