FedoraMediaWriter does not start

My actions.

  1. Running windows 8.1
  2. Go to Загрузить Fedora Workstation
  3. Downloading Fedora Media Writer
  4. Installing Fedora Media Writer.
  5. Running Fedora Media Writer
    A window appears for half a second and then closes immediately.
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Hi @estaf1001 This could be a bug in Media Writer. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/ for reporting bugs. Thank you.

No. If a basic program for creating a bootable installation flash drive is already jamming, then there are no reports. This is the end of the whole system from A to Z.

This could be a compatibility issue with windows 8.1. I have used fedora media writer on windows 10
and it works without any issues. I am not trying to dismiss your issue but just saying that its not always application’s fault. If you just want to create a bootable usb for fedora, you can use rufus or balena Etcher. They might work for you.

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