It has being some time since I was asking if a Fedora OSM build were under development.

There were some posts from Paranoid Panda building on a Pinephone but I can’t find the post in here anymore ( It was from may 18. 22.)

If there is no such OSM (yet) I ask if somebody know if running other Linux mods on a smartphone. Will it then be able to synchronise and use with the Fedora OS on a PC ?

I wish to use a OSM which can syncronise Fedora.

Wil this work together:

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what synchronization you want to use fedora you don’t need to login anyaccount but fedora provide option like google and nextcloud if you login with them it will be synced.
as per i know fedora does not provide a mobile optimized version of fedora but for fedora gnome and kde i think technically it can be installed and gnome shell is optimized for mobile foe a while now kde as well hence it be installed i have not done it but i think
postmarketos is a good option
Mobian OS is debian base os ubuntu touch. porsh is a option as well.