Fingerprint Reader

I know this works in manjaro and fedora 35. When I get to the last fingerprint is stops communicating. Any one know why?

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Hello @shawnbure Nice to meet you here.
You say

Confuses me.
You are aware of this wiki? Features/Fingerprint - Fedora Project Wiki
What software do you use?
Another discussion on fingerprint is here There is no option for adding fingerprint in setting ---> users tab ; fprint is installed - #5 by alciregi Does that answer your question?

The Features/Fingerprint page on the Fedora Wiki seems outdated (“This page was last edited on 31 July 2009”).

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My mistake. Thanks, I did mark it as outdated.

folow the steps here and see what you get:


Hello @shawnbure ,
Welcome to the discussion area. What a happy coincidence, I too am trying to get my UKEY fingerprint scanner to be recognized by Gnome, the system already sees mine.