(Flatpak) Firefox System Theme doesn't honor GNOME's mode preference


I see that Chrome based browsers doesn’t really support this on Linux but Firefox seems to have a theme that switches between light & dark mode depending on the system settings.

I have Firefox installed as flatpak and set its theme to System Setting (auto). I want Firefox to change between light & dark mode whenever I change my light/dark mode preference inside GNOME. Certain apps like Telegram (flatpak) are capable of doing that.

Is this a bug in Firefox or am I missing something?

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I tested it out on my Firefox and it works, but my Firefox here is the rpm from the repos, not a flatpak. I don’t know enough about flatpaks, but perhaps it’s a limitation there or a bug in the flatpak. Is this flatpak from the Fedora registry or from Flathub? If it’s from Flathub, it’ll be best to report this issue to them (flathub.org doesn’t load for me, so I can’t find the issue link at the moment)