FLOCK? What is it?

Every year there is a Fedora Project event called FLOCK.
What is it?


Basically FLOCK is an event organized by fedora and the community, and occurs every year :fedora: release, it objectives covers:

  • Have the opportunity to Meeting people in person, interact with humans and have the opportunity to know people that you work frequently in IRC
  • Share Ideas
  • Make decision about next :fedora: releases
  • Make decision about the Community
  • Explore new opportunities and Drive the Community to accomplish this objectives

nothing different from it pages:

What will we do at Flock?

  • Communicate the Fedora Strategy. Everyone in Fedora should understand and feel well-aligned with the project’s goals, both long-term and tactical. We should all understand the messaging we’re using to attract new users and contributors.m
  • Plan the Next Strategy. This strategy doesn’t come from the top down, or from thin air, and it’s not dictated by our sponsors. It comes from the community. Because we’re so big and distributed, Flock can’t be the only place where we get new ideas, but it is a summit where we present, learn about, and discuss them.
  • Build Community Connections and Engagement. We do amazing work as a global project, but there’s no substitute for direct human interaction. Flock helps tie us together. In-person discussion, collaboration, and fun social events help us function better on IRC and mailing lists throughout the year.




To clarify, Flock happens every year, not after every release (we generally have two releases per year).

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