Formatting code/command blocks -- unpredictable

Is it just me or is it actually difficult to predict when a command block will format properly on this platform? I am talking about the (</>) “preformatted texts”

CTRL+SHIFT+C is the shortcut.

Sometimes I get a redundant indentation (which doesn’t show up on the final post). This can be frustrating sometimes. Users then have to format lines individually

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The format is the follow:

Press Ctrl + Shift + C



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I like this one too:
“<“kbd> blah</kbd”>”

Aaaargh, hard to post the markup itself without getting a translation. But I already stated that CTRL+SHIFT+C does block formatting. The issue is that the output doesn’t always work. Sometimes I get nothing … whereas it is indented in the editor

I just use the markdown way of doing things: three back ticks. I’ve never liked the indentation way—too fragile for me.

blah blah blah

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