German "Start here" translation imperfect

Just came around here and immediately noticed a typo in the welcome text:

Willkommen zu Ask Fedora! Bite zuerst “Starte hier!” category lesen, bevor du das Forum nutzt!

This should be:

Willkommen zu Ask Fedora! Bitte zuerst “Starte hier!” Kategorie lesen, bevor du das Forum nutzt!

Also the entire sentence sounds a bit strange and like automatically translated.

Therefore I would recommend to reword the second sentence to:

Bevor du das Forum benutzt, lies bitte die “Starte hier!” Kategorie!

I hope those suggestions help, the first to fixes should definitely be implemented soon, because they are either plain wrong or “Denglish” which is also not overly well received.

Hello @sheogorath and welcome to the community.

Please read here Can we get a German discussions category? in order to get more information on the status of the German language here on Ask Fedora.
Maybe you can contact @rugk, @andilinux and @Lailah and coordinate with them in order to revive the German category efforts.


Hey, thanks for the warm welcome.

I’m personally not overly interested in a German speaking community, even when I’ll definitely help, once it appears :slight_smile:

This thread is more about the typo in the absolutely first message everyone sees when entering the forum. Therefore I hope we can fix those :wink:

^ The banner I’m talking about

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Thank you for the report.
Apart the fact that typos can be everywhere (like software: there’s no software without bugs :smiley:) what I was pointing out is that the initial efforts to start a German category were interrupted for various reasons, so the errors there have not been corrected. So your help is welcome!

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@sheogorath The reason, status for this behavior and the follow of this discussion is describe here:

as the category was not fully implemented I delete the Banner because we forget to delete it to start the process again in a more formal way…

Regards., and thx to report it and your time


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