Gnome in F37 shows no applications, no results in searchbox

Running latest gnome displays no applications, If searching for anything in search bar - no results.

If running as local user i.e root, or create new local user - it works.
When running as user logged in via nis/pam with nfs mounted /home - does not work.

Fresh install of F37, or upgrade from F36 makes no difference.
Tried purging all form of .cache .ccache .local/shared .config related directories, makes no difference.

Other window managers work without issues, for instance Cinnamon/Gnome Classic.

Have anyone seen issues like this? Currently our work around is to simply switch to another WM, which works but isn’t ideal.
Would love to get a better understanding of why this isn’t working after F37 for us, and hopefully some pointers in where to troubleshoot.