GNOME sharing does not work in Fedora 31

The GNOME UI indicates that sharing the ~/Public directory is as easy as going to Settings => Sharing and enabling File Sharing but I just cannot seem to get it to work on local host or from another machine on my network.


I have tried using the hostname and the IP. E.g., “dav://” and “dav://” from nautilus but it always fails to connect.

I thought maybe this was a firewall issue so I enabled port 80 using firewall-cmd it simply doesn’t work.

Out of desperation I tried restarting as well.

Is this a common problem and how do you fix it?


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Maybe my plain-old-user account lacks permissions to open up port 80.

I believe this is an issue with GNOME.

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The only way I’ve made File Sharing work is via SSH with a utility like WinSCP for Windows. If you use Windows you can try it and it should work.