GNOME Version not displayed in Setup, About

When examining the About page of Setup after upgrading to Fedora 37, the GNOME Version is “Not Available”:


It displays fine on my Fedora 37 system.
(However, my system was upgraded from F36, not a clean F37 installation.)

And now, of course, it works for me also.

I have this same problem (among others) since the upgrade from F36 to F37. Multiple reboots (not just for this of course), and updates have not fixed it as of yet…

Can confirm the issue, I upgraded from Fedora 36 (Workstation, Wayland) as well.

The system is fully up-to-date and has been rebooted.

The file /usr/share/gnome/gnome-version.xml doesn’t exist on my end; see

Have you looked here to see what is shown.

That post you show is from 2013 and is very old, and certainly does not apply to the current version of gnome on fedora 37 (gnome 43).

With fedora release 34 gnome 3.8 was superceded and replaced by gnome 40 and has progressed since to gnome 43 in fedora 37.