GnuCOBOL no longer exists in Fedora repos


I worked as COBOL programmer in the past, but after reading the following article:

I decided to install gnu-cobol package to refresh my knowledge on COBOL but, to my surprise, gnu-cobol package has been retired from Fedora 32 repositories. Does anybody know why?

I had to fall back to


It was retired long ago:

It was orphaned and no one picked it up for six weeks, so it was retired:

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Oh, what a pity! It’s good time to resume it’s maintenance! :smiley:


Someone is working on it :slight_smile:


Well, it needs someone to do the work of maintaining it. In this case we’re lucky that someone else stepped up, but if not it would have remained orphaned + retired. (The Fedora package maintainers are volunteers so they won’t take up packages they don’t need themselves.)

Since you do use it and have the necessary technical skills to build it, would you please volunteer as a co-maintainer and ensure that it isn’t retired again?

You can get sponsored as a co-maintainer:

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Well… I’ll first have to learn how to make a rpm package :sweat_smile: Thanks for your links!



It isn’t much harder than building software from source. So you’ll be fine. Feel free to start a new topic in the #community:contributing-to-fedora category if you have queries.