Gpaste, clipboard manager Fedora 31 beta

Try to install a clipboard manager. CopyQ does not work for Fedora 31 (for me) Now try to install Gpaste. But that does not do anything even.
Exist a working clipboard manager for Fedora 31 ?


Why it does’t work? any error shown?

Open gpaste, click on one saved text, gpaste disappears. Is in clipboard. Must restart to reopen. So gpaste does safe some clippings. puts them back inot clipboard and crashes.

Install gpaste from repository with dnf was impossibe (fedora 31 beta)

Please file a bug against gpaste:

Given the change to Wayland, Gnome 3.34 has been moving clipboard etc. to Wayland from X and that seems to have broken a few things this release.

I’ve had to give up parcellite too, but I’ve not looked around for a Wayland clipboard manager yet.

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I was in the same situtation as you with copyq, This is what I did

  1. Install it
sudo dnf install gpaste gpaste-ui gnome-shell-extension-gpaste
  1. Logout, for some reason you have to logout, this permit to GNOME recognize the extension
  2. Login again
  3. Start Gnome-tweaks
  4. Enable gnome-shell-extension-gpaste and click on the rotating wheel to Configure
  5. Enable the gnome shell extension in General Behaviour Tab
  6. Logout
  7. Login again
  8. Done :tada:


You need this extension too and enable:

gnome-shell-extension-topicons-plus.noarch : Move all legacy tray icons to the top panel



Great answer, this is about Gpaste. Is Copyq and Gpaste same application?
I did install Clipboard Indicator by [Tudmotu] from That does what I want it to do.
Thanks for your answer.

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not, same task with different tools both are clipboard managers