Graphics card lags

When things come back up, enter swapon to list the swap device(s) and their priorities. Hopefully, the zram device will have a higher priority (we want the system to use it first since it is faster).

didn’t help at all

this error keeps popping up after linking to RPMfusion too btw
maybe this helps with diagnosting!

I would have kept the normal swap partition active since you have so little RAM.

Does top show high CPU usage? Is something using too much RAM or CPU that should not be?

what’s normal swap partition? am i using it wrong?

Yeah, Steam games will often need a LOT of RAM. I’d be surprised if you could get much to run on Steam with this system.

As for the display driver, lspci will list the physical devices on your system. Add a few -v's to get details about which driver (kernel module) is being used.

Edited to fix misspelling of lspci.

The “load average” in your screenshot shows 1.81. That means that, on average, there are 1.81 processes waiting to get time on the CPU (i.e. the system is struggling to keep up with what it is running). You can see that gnome is listed as the top user of the CPU. The next thing you can try to improve system performance is switching to a desktop environment that has less “eye candy”. Since you say you are a new user coming from Windows, I would suggest LXDE. Try running the following command to install LXDE on your system. Then log out, enter/select your account and before entering your password, be sure that LXDE is selected as the desktop environment (GNOME will still be installed an you can switch back to it if you don’t like LXDE).

$ sudo dnf groupinstall "LXDE Desktop"

You say the card is not even recognized.
Please try running “inxi -Gxx” and post the output.
Doing that with a cut and paste within code tags will give us all the info about devices and drivers for the graphics.
The code tags are entered as
your pasted text here
You might need to install the package “inxi” to do that.

Also post the output of
"dnf list installed ‘nvidia’ " and
“lsmod | grep nvidia”

well now i ran into another problem!
i just decided to go with fedora 34.
Now my greaphics card performance is much MUCH better - because it works completely fine, but another problem arose!
i’m trying to go with RPM fusion repositories, and it doesn’t work at all!!
do i need RPM fusion at all?

You do if you want their nvidia drivers which are the recommended ones for fedora

That is a download error, and will likely be no longer an issue if you wait for a while then try again.