Grub Menu not updating after installing newer Kernels

Btw. I’ve got 2 grubby packages installed. I guess the newer grubby version must be running instead of deprecated after I run a kernel update. Could that explain why my kernel may not be updating?

Actually, grubby-deprecated contains the old software that would update non-BLS grub.cfg file. As far as I can see, until the latest grubby update from yesterday, this did not work.
As of Fedora37, grubby-deprecated becomes history. R.I.P.

Also note that it depends on the correct symbolic links

/etc/grub2-efi.cfg: symbolic link to ../boot/grub2/grub.cfg
/etc/grub2.cfg:     symbolic link to ../boot/grub2/grub.cfg
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I took a backup of /boot and ran the grub2-switch-to-blscfg with all the options specified. The options were all confirmed to be correct, as per defaults.

I ran a checksum against all the files in /boot and the backup files and the files are identical, so doesn’t look like it changed anything. I’m still able to boot fine, just not sure anything has actually been changed using the command.

Any ideas?

Did that include files in subdirectories such as /boot/grub2 or /boot/efi/EFI/Fedora and all the other directories you might have in the /boot directory?

Hi @vekruse. I ran a sudo find boot -exec sha256sum {} \;|sort before and after running grub2-switch-to-blscfg. The outputs are identical. Just confirmed that the directories you mentioned are included in the outputs


One thing grub2-switch-to-blscfg is checking for is if GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG=true, and if so, it concludes that the system has already been converted and then don’t change anything.

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@vekruse Cool - thanks :slight_smile: