Guidelines on how to use ask fedora in mobile app


In this post, I will give a short guideline on how you shall use ask fedora forum in your mobile.
We don’t need to develop a separate app for this forum. As far as I know, this forum uses Discourse platform and Having an android or iPhone app will help us keep engaged with the community to share and find solutions.

  1. First, install the Discourse app in your mobile from Play store or iTunes.

  2. Secondly, add the forum in the app using the URL ( feed your login credentials and authorise the app to use the fedora forum.

Once the steps are completed you will receive notifications in mobile and you shall reply and post your comments from mobile to this valuable forum.

I hope this could be helpful for new users. Kindly let me know if I miss anything in the comment section below. Wish you all the best.


Thanks for this @Sulthan!

I looked at the reviews of the Discourse App and they weren’t very good. It seems it’s simply the web interface embedded in an App. So you can simply use your web browser to access whatever instances of Discourse you use. Everything works, including notifications—the Discourse web interface is fully mobile compatible.

(Typing this on the DuckDuckGo Android browser)

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My pleasure @FranciscoD
Ya the app simply have a web interface embedded. The app has a notification column which could be handy at times than a web browser. Thanks for your suggestion. Will give a try on DuckDuckGo browser as well. :+1:

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Firefox or Chrome (or any other browser that supports notifications) should give you push notifications. They will also appear on your profile picture in the top right hand corner. If you tap it, it’ll show you all your notifications too:


Thank you for the information @FranciscoD. Will give a try. :slight_smile:

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HI @Sulthan How are you? it’s a new stage, and happy to see you~
so, did you solve the question?


Hello @simmon. I am good. thank you. ya, I am using mobile browser now instead of the app.

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ok. it’s good to you. so, How does it feel to use the mobile platform?
@Sulthan Have a nice day!!


Hello @simmon, it’s fast and smooth to use in mobile as well. Very nice new platform