Harden F30 system for web-hosting

Would like to host websites on one of my systems. Thinking of isolating it from the LAN by putting it in a DMZ.

  • What should I do to harden the system (Fedora 30 / firewall-cmd)? I would probably want to copy one of the existing zones and customise the copy. Haven’t worked out yet how to clone a zone yet.
  • Which log files can I check for intrusion attempts?
  • How to block all access other than http/https?
  • Any other tips are welcome.

Thanks in advance for your help.

This is just for hobbyist hosting.

** Updates **

  • Updated to Fedora 30

I think you should not use fedora 28 for web hosting. You will only get updates for a month (Fedora 28 will be EOL on Tuesday, May 28th, 2019). Maybe consider to use cent OS or fedora 30.


Cheers for the input. I’ll opt for Fedora 30 then.