hi....Glad to see in New Platform..Have a nice day!


I was very surprised to see the new platform. We look forward to many improvements.

I think there will be many changes in appearance,

I am curious about the technical support part of the answer and related usage, and I would be grateful if you also let me know about the participation in the actual answer part.

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Can you specify what you mean by the technical part etc? Have you had a chance to look at the introductory posts in #start-here category? It’s a change from the standard Q&A forums.


Yes … I have already read … I am considering translating the article into Korean. I thought it would be good to help people who use Hangul to participate in introducing the subscription to Fedora in Korean. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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So where’s our karma and badges? How about our notifications? Will we still have to moderate posts? I have to admit that so far, the new site looks like something I’d have expected to see twenty years ago.


I am referring to a guide to the initial start of Fedora. It is my concern about the problem and approach to the language we have. I have been using Linux for a long time in 1994. Fedora has not been enough, Fedora has used F10 ~ F30, and official translation issues will be posted on my homepage or blog.


No information was migrated from askbot—mainly because there is no straightforward way to do so. Discourse has it’s own trust and reward system. You can read about it in the summary posts in the #start-here category.

Notifications from askbot? I don’t see how they can be moved to a different platform. Sorry. Again, nothing was migrated. (We moved to a new platform, we didn’t migrate.) Please have a look at this post where a few of this things have been discussed already: Hello everyone! What do you think?

The Discourse trust system, along with other moderation features take care of this. Each language has been initialised with a moderator and a leader (trust level 4) to oversee things and step in when required.

Then I don’t think you’ve spent enough time on Discourse just yet :slightly_smiling_face:


@sideburns: you are now a Leader! Please have a look at the #lounge category for related discussion.

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