Hibernation in F36 with Secure Boot on

Hi all,

I’m using a Framework Laptop which I’m satisfied with running F36 (and F35 before) mostly. Battery life and esp. in stand-by is not so great.

This article implies, that hibernation is possible with Secure Boot on: Hibernation in Fedora Workstation - Fedora Magazine

But when I tried an trouble shoot-ed I found that in fact the failure lies within kernel lockdown. Also this site implies hibernation doesn’t work with Secureboot: Secureboot - Fedora Project Wiki

My question: What’s right? Is it possible? Is there an easy way to get it working? My ideal would be like 2h Standby and then hibernate.

My specs: Framework Laptop with 11th Gen i5, 32GB RAM, btrfs with LUKS enc., F36.

Thanks in advance