How can I change my username?

How can I change my username in this forum?


Hey @johnnyjuki

Pls read the wiki contact the team:

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To add to @andilinux 's reply: I don’t think you can change your username only for this forum (I’m not actually sure one can change usernames here on the Discourse forum at all). Accounts here are linked to the Fedora account system, so the username you have there will be the one used here.

I also don’t think one can change their Fedora Account System username. You may have to mark the current one as inactive and create a new one.

Please note that we moved to a new account system recently, and all the different documentation pages (like the wiki page here) may not be completely up to date yet. That is being worked upon.


I can confirm what @ankursinha says. We are working on the ability to change usernames in the account system (we know there are important inclusion-related reasons to make it possible!), but it’s difficult for both technical and policy reasons so it’s taking a while.

You can change your display name here, though… I see you don’t have one set didn’t have one set but do now.


thanks @ankursinha and @mattdm for outpointing the current situation of changing usernames.

Here’s another possibility!

You can’t have two Fedora Account System accounts with the same email address. However, if changing your username is important to you, you can:

  1. Log off from Ask Fedora.
  2. Log in to Fedora Accounts and set a new email address for your existing account.
  3. File a ticket with Fedora Infrastructure requesting that the old account (the one you’re using to file the request!) be deactivated, noting that you’re moving to a new name.
  4. Log off, and then create a new Fedora Account with your original email address.
  5. Log in here with that new Fedora Account.
  6. Discourse will magically notice that the emails match, and merge the two accounts here.

Is this relevant here? It supposedly allows you to delink usernames from SSO.

Personally if I had known when I signed up for AF that it would reuse my email as a forum username, I would have chosen a method other than FedoraProject SSO (assuming other options are available).

Cris, the Fedora username is the forum name, because we use those names to communicate throughout the project in a lot of different ways. (For example, same names on Fedora Chat or for software packaging.)
The link you give is relevant in that, yes, we have “sso overrides username” enabled, to enforce the consistency. But, it absolutely isn’t reusing your email. The account name you create is independent from your email address.

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OK thanks, I don’t remember now how the forum sign up system worked (it was a while back). Seems a bit odd to me to enforce a policy on everyone that’s only relevant to a subset of forum users.

Out of interest to see what’s there I tried logging into, but the credentials I use for don’t work there. I thought these were the same account?

[Edit - looks like someone here has changed my username to make a bit more sense - thank you.]