How can I change the login background?

Hi, everyone.
I’m just starting with fedora, and I would like to change the login background. Could you help me, please?

It is described here:

“1. Click Background to open the panel. The current selections for Background and Lock Screen are shown at the top.”
Those options don’t exist.

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Yes. In the last GNOME version, this option is no more available.

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Sorry, I didn’t cross check the information linked. I know I had used Settings before to set a different lock screen than user background. I guess they removed the option to be able to create the fancy login screen as it is today.

I did a quick search and found this extension:
(This is for the Unlock screen, not the login screen after you booted your machine)

From an end-user perspective, it seems weird that you need an extension for such basic setting…

Thanks, but I would like to change the login background.

For some stupid reason GDM makes this quite complicated.

There are instructions on the Arch Linux wiki you could try. I haven’t tested them myself.


go to login window option in menu

and also remember to place you wallpaper in the /usr/share/backgrounds folder otherwise it result in black background in login screen

Do you mean the login screen where you have the fedora logo on the bottom? If so:
gsettings set org.gnome.login-screen logo 'full-path-to-image'

default image is /usr/share/pixmaps/fedora-gdm-logo.png