How can I get information about the release schedule for Fedora 31?

I heard that the release date of FEDORA 31 has been changed.
What is the new release date of FEDORA 31.
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  1. You can get all this information in the :fedora: wiki

you can find here:

  • Supported Version
  • Development
  • Rawhide
  • Branched
  • Old Unsupported Releases
  1. Upcoming features in :fedora: Magazine

  2. In each Version you can find:

  • Fedora Version :
    • Release Schedule - Key Milestone
    • Release Notes - Notes about the release
    • Change Set - Packaged Version include in this release and it version



Thanks for your answer.
From what I can understand the date of 2019-10-29 is maintained for the Final Release date. Do you confirm ?
Best Regards.

Remember, is only one plan and may vary, it is not always a fixed date and also depends on Upstream Project Schedules like:

  • Linux kernel
  • Python
  • Gnome
  • KDE Plasma
  • glibc

to name a few

I’m taking this part from schedule :slight_smile:

Schedule adjustment

For any requests regarding Fedora schedule, go to Fedora Schedule Pagure Issue Tracker and file an issue or contact the Schedule Wrangler ( Ben Cotton). Requested changes might need coordination with other Fedora teams.


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In addition to @hhlp’s answer, it may be worth monitoring for GO/NO-GO announcements.

Another interesting resource is, where you can track issues that would block the release of the beta or the final compose.

But in any case, it’s too early to say if something comes up.


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