How do I access New Users Category when I am no longer a new user

I did not get much benefit from the New Users Start Here category but found it very confusing. I had no problem using the earlier version of Ask Fedora but was so awkward in navigating the new users start here that a long time elapsed before I actually tried to use ask Fedora in anger. I actually managed to generate a couple of questions but do not remember what I did.

I really need to access tutorial material on using Ask Fedora but as I am no longer classified as a new user it is not available to me. In any case the new users start here category seems to be meant to contain reference material that one might still want to go back to, having it unavailable after on is no longer a new user is silly.

Maybe my mind is not adapted to the organization of the new users category but I totally failed to get any benefit from it so I want to give it another try.

However reference information on using Ask Fedora should be available as a category of discussions that is always available.

Hi theevilone,
you mean this Welcome to Ask Fedora! Please read me first! document?

I think this is an important part:

In general:

  • Check to see if the information you are looking for is documented on in the Fedora documentation .
    • quick-docs provide lots of short one page step by step instructions on how to do many things.
  • Search this forum before you post: someone may have asked the question before, or experienced the issue before you.
  • Always mention the version of the Fedora OS you are using.
  • Try to clearly document what you were doing, step-by-step if you can.
  • Provide as much relevant information about your system
    • Commands that tell you about your system, its hardware, its packages and so on are documented here .
    • Don’t worry if you can not gather more information, though. Other users will ask you what what they need, and you will learn in the process too!

The more information you give the better others can help you.

This document is also worth reading.


Do you not see the “new users start here category” right at the top of the left column when you come to the website? You can also use the “all categories” drop down to move between categories. It’ll be the first one in that list too. It is always available.

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