How do I access subforums from the top level?

I posted my first message at top level where it gets moderated ( there is no obvious way to post anywhere else ). I see talk of subforums but no access to them.

If I hit the dropdown list it just shows the top level " discussion in English" , other languages and this Feedback topic.

Not clear at all how I can get to the rest of the content or post in the right place.

Please explain.

Can you see “on using Fedora” underneath “Discussions in English”? When posting a new topic, the dropdown should also show all the sub-forums. If it doesn’t, please post a screenshot here so we can see what you do.

Sounds like I’m not seeing what I should be seeing.


Ah, on new message , the “catagories” dropdown does show “on using Fedora” but no other subfora.

This is really not at all intuitive to use. Also using a different term “categories” only adds to the confusion.

The screen shot I posted above says “all categories” but clearly isn’t. Is this interface something which was written for fedoraproject ? It does not seem very mature.

What do you want to achieve, Is access through the drop-down menu to all sub-categories also?

This option is not available:


you’re requesting a feature, feel free to post it in Discourse Meta:

Option Available:

  • latest
  • new
  • unread
  • categories
  • top
  • read
  • posted
  • bookmarks

Althought If you want to acomplish this, just press Categories and you get a panel with Categories and sub-categories at the same time in the same screen… and this is the default in our system


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As @hhlp has shown—Discourse only let us show Categories in the drop-down, not sub-categories. However, as you see from your screenshot, the Sub-categories are listed there. At the bottom of your image, you see “on using Fedora” under “Discussions in English”. Additionally, if you go to a Category, say “Discussions in English”, it will show posts from all subcategories also—and these posts will similarly be marked with “on using Fedora” etc. sub-categories there.

The dropdown for Categories when I click “New topic” does show me all Categories and sub-categories. Is that not the case for you?

All of this is documented in the “Start here!” post. Please go through it:

As far as Discourse is concerned, these are Categories and sub-categories. You can call them forums and sub-forums if you wish.

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Thanks for the explanation.

I wanted to update CAD program, this seemed to require updating Fedora. There were issues with dnf upgrade not working so I can here. Now I find a rather limited immature interface on the software used on this site.

OSS is great in principal but I need to limit the number of rabbit holes I explore in one day or else nothing else gets done.
sorry but I don’t have the time and life is too short to get involved every time someone decides to reinvent the wheel and finds out it is not round enough but still thinks their wheel is better than all previous wheels.

May I re-ask:

@federic Discourse is a platform used in many other places. Fedora Project is not the only community that use this software.

The forum works well for a majority of users. So, we’re happy with it. There’s a learning curve that must be scaled to use a new tool and Discourse is no different. if you prefer the traditional e-mail system, there’s also the user’s mailing list. If you prefer IRC, there’s still the IRC channel. Please use what works best for you.

I don’t know what the point of making comments such as “I don’t have time and life is too short” is. We’re all busy, and we all have relatively similar lifespans. We all prioritise and choose what we spend this time on. You have the freedom to do the same.

thanks for the link alci:

We started Discourse as an open source project in early 2013,

As I suspected , rather immature. Hopefully it will get better.

I don’t expect a “learning curve” every time visit a web site. This kind of forum has been around for about 20 years, why do I need to learn “a new tool”? It should not be a problem to present something in a clear understandable form, with a well structured , browsable hierarchy.

Well that boat has sailed now, so I suppose we all just have to struggle with the “learning curve”.

It is not me perversely choosing to call them forums. Discourse use that term widely and my initial point was that you do too. This is what is confusing.

My initial post was at the top level because I could not work all this out. Someone seems to have moved it to a more suitable venue:

How can I find this “on installing or upgrading Fedora” in order to browse it before posting or post in the right place when asking a question?

Use the search box?

Use one of the views that the main page gives you? Look at the categories that clearly mention the sub-categories? The “Discussions in English” category says, on the main page, “For discussions and troubleshooting issues in English. The top level category is for announcements and so is moderated. Please use the sub-categories for your discussions.”

If you have ideas on making it clearer, that’d be great. Discourse is a new platform and it’ll take you some time to get used to it. The workflow is forum like but everything, from the trust system to the UI is different.

What I don’t get is that there seems to be a hierarchical structure to the content just like a forum but we are not allowed to see it.

it’s like someone decided a tree structure is sooo Y2K , so we are going to invent something different but did not quite made it.

clearly there is a tree hierarchy since someone kindly put my initial post several layers down. Once I have such a placement I can see that structure , but only that branch and only because someone put it somewhere I can not see.

I hope you can gain some understanding of how this appears to a new user and how it can be made clearer but I really don’t have the time to make a study of it and redesign the UI. I started using the CAD program as a tool and got pulled in there too, there has to be a cut-off somewhere or else nothing gets done.

thanks for your replies.

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