How do I format long lines of terminal text properly for this site?

Hi @hhlp Can you tell me how did you make kind of sliding bars for this message that I had made…
Can you give me guide of how effectively I can create the topics that is highly comprehensible

Hello @superadmin you could consider to read through the resources provided in the #start-here category. Specifically the syntax conventions used by Discourse, the software used to run this forum.

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Sorry but I can’t find the Topic right now where we talked about how to reformating bash command and logs to guide this USER

Ohh my memory could you please can refresh my mind? :thinking::flushed:


I’ve found It

In this Topic i’ve explained Well how to reformat Well your topics…



This site uses a text-formatting system called “markdown”, similar to that used on Github, Stack Exchange, and a bunch of other places. See Markdown Reference for this. The “code formatting” part is particularly important for commands, because otherwise special characters can get messed up.