How do you prefer to use Ask Fedora?

  • I am quite happy to ask my questions and wait around, engage with others, and solve my problems.
  • I need to solve problems quickly and not wait around. I prefer to refer to existing tools and answers to solve my problems.

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Where have the old posts gone?

Thanks—once we have the results, what do we do? If A, then what and if B then what?


I think it’s best not to bias the data collection at this stage.


Neither. I’m here to offer help when I can and learn from what other people suggest.


Having a goal before collecting data is not biasing it. But OK, let’s do this and see what we get.

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I cannot respond to the poll. I use both methods. First, I search the web resources (official and other) for existing solutions, then if I can’t accomplish a fix, I would post a question here and wait for engagement. To me, that is just the process of Linux problem resolution (at the user level).


Valid point; there are many uses of the site, especially now that it’s a discussion-based one. The question, which perhaps could be clearer, is intended in the context of problem solving.

The options certainly aren’t mutually exclusive, but rather a preference ranking.

Unfortunately it is, especially if it is exposed to the data collection process. Avoiding bias is next to impossible, but at least efforts can be made to reduce it. There’s a reason why it’s important, even essential, to have blinded experiments.

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I agree with @blueshurricane4. It also depends on whether I’m asking or answering.

I browse looking to help, I’ll ask if I can’t find an answer already available.

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No, data collection starts with the goal. The action of data collection is kept separate from the discussion of the goal and the methods that will be used to extract useful information from the data to prevent bias. That is not the same as not having a goal.

This is off this topic, though, so as i said in a previous comment, we’ll let the “data collection” continue here and see what we get.

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Ok, I’ll go back and vote my preference.


IMHO this is really hard to answer, because I obviously want existing tools/answers to be referred, if they already exist. I.e. avoid duplicates or so…

However, my questions usually also are not so urgent as the second answer implies. If there is no existing answer, I have no problem and I obviously also have to wait for an answer. But as said, it’s no problem to get an answer later.

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It’s about priorities. Some want quick solutions, others want conversations. Nothing says you can’t have both, but you probably value one more than the other.

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