How I convert old questions in askbot to here?

how I convert old questions in askbot to here ?

Hi @sergiomb----it just cannot be done. Please see these questions, and if you have any queries, please ask us here:

Hello @sergiomb.
Maybe you could better explain what you are looking for.
Do you want to collect useful topics that were posted on the old platform?

While there is no way to just switch over the questions, if you find a question on the old site that is particularly useful, feel free to ask the same question here. You can even answer it yourself so the new site has a complete new question/answer for others to reference.

@sergiomb as @FranciscoD point you, Why you you want to accomplish this task? I refer you to this TOPIC specially this post:

We are here since :fedora: 30 now :fedora: 31, in this time the old instance askbot is getting older, now we have more interesting question here, and better answer, the technology grow up quickly, new technology comes, like containers, some changes are making in GRUB2 like BLF, and more…,

We have open a task force to migrating all Sticky Question from OLD instance to quick-docs, like you can find here:

as @darakus point you if you find some usefull question in the old instance ask again, or Did you find some usefull information to add in quick-docs? you’re Welcome to collaborate…



OK , thank you to revive askbot

Here some questions that still useful for me





one more link for the list of the questions that I’d like to add to quick-docs



Thanks @sergiomb

As always, someone has to do the work of writing the quick-docs. It’ll be best to file these as tickets at the quick-docs repo and then maybe we can mark them as “easyfix” and hope that some volunteers will pick them up and work on them.

The folks here who help with AskFedora do help with quick-docs also, but that really depends on how much free time we have to take up quick-docs tasks too :frowning_face:

@sergiomb you could file a ticket here: to keep track of this suggestion.

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