How should the "New Users Start Here" category be sorted?

Of course, pinned posts come first. But then…

Sort by…
  • Activity (edits, reponses)
  • Date created
  • Original Post Likes (note: only :heart: gets counted)
  • Votes

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This is multiple-choice — pick any that you think could work. I’ve turned on voting for the category while the poll is running (and that’s currently what it’s set to) so you can see what that might look like. If voting doesn’t win, I think we should probably turn it back off.

For what it’s worth, I personally have voted for “Votes”. I’d also go for “likes”, but the fact that other reactions don’t count ruins that for me.

I also would also go for some kind of manual ordering, but that’s not an option. Although I think we can edit the “creation” dates, so we could fake that that way.