How to change sampling rate and bit depth?


Am trying to use my DACs to their full potential, usually around 192Khz/24bit. The 24 bit part is as easy as plug and play, but according to the DAC’s screen, it stays in 48Khz, even though I have modified pipewire.conf to have 96000 as the default.clock.rate and added it to the default.clock.allowed-rates list.

I also copy and pasted this pipewire.conf file from /usr/share/pipewire in /etc/pipewire to no avail. I had to create that pipewire folder by the way, didn’t exist in /etc/

I couldn’t find any other way to change sampling rate … Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

I tried playing music files with bigger than 48Khz sampling rate on Audacious in hope that it might automatically changed depending on the source, but it stays at 48Khz/24bits all the time, hell, even if I change the audio depth in Audacious’ settings to be 16 bits …

Hi, each client (example Firefox, Audacious, Rhytmbox), they usually use different config and not directly to access pipewire.conf. Maybe you also need to change client.conf, client-rt.conf, and pipewire-pulse.conf, especially with pipewire-pulse.conf since lot of clients using this configuration as a compatibility with pulseaudio.


You can check by opening Audacious, then run in terminel pw-cli dump Client. Find the ID that have variable something like = "Audacious" then with the same ID find client.api = or = . It will give information which *.conf being use.

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Thanks for your help! Am not sure what change am supposed to make to pipewire-pulse.conf, Here’s what I’ve done from what I understood from the pipewire wiki, I uncommented and modified these lines(and then copied it in /etc/ :

            pulse.min.req          = 256/48000     # 5ms
            pulse.default.req	   = 960/88200     # 20 milliseconds
            #pulse.min.frag         = 256/48000     # 5ms
            #pulse.default.frag     = 96000/48000   # 2 seconds
            pulse.default.tlength  = 96000/192000   # 2 seconds

It still stays at 48Khz on both of my DACs (testing with 192Khz, 96000 and such files).

By the way I read that “Jack” can launch programs with specific bit depth and sampling rate, like this PIPEWIRE_LATENCY=“1024/192000” software (I tried Firefox and Audacious), but same.

It’s maddening when the DACs go to 192Khz plug and play on Android and players with firmwares based on the Linux kernel …

Found my mistake, I didn’t copy pipewire.conf in ~/.config/pipewire/ as indicated in the Arch Wki.

with uncommenting

    default.clock.rate          = 96000
    default.clock.allowed-rates = [ 44100 48000 88200 96000 192000 ]

it works perfectly on all apps! It’s quite nice to see the sample rate change on the small little screen of the DAC depending of the files sampling rate being played … Tested on a Surfans F20 and an xDuoo XD-05 basic, can’t be happier!

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