How to install fedora in WSL for windows?

hello all.
I currently have WSL installed on my Windows 10 laptop computer witch features Ubuntu and I would like to install Fedora Linux as my WSL.
I have no idea where to begin so any help would appreciate thanks.


How about this ?

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Note that WSL is not linux native and to me seems similar to using a VM which means you will not ever have direct hardware control from the installed linux OS.

There was also a post on the magazine about this:

note that this was for Fedora 33, so all the steps may not be exactly the same.

As of WSL2, it is running on an actual Linux kernel. The original WSL was essentially a reverse wine. It’s more akin to running a Fedora container on a generic Linux kernel, so it is actual Linux, but won’t be the full, regular Fedora user experience.

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