How to manage a non-English category | commitment and ideas

Continuing the discussion from This site’s categorization by language doesn’t seem to be useful:

We can discuss here about the “how to manage” and write about the personal commitments we can/want to do.

I do speak/write:
German (mother tongue)
Portuguese (where i live; Brazil)
English (IT & Internet Language in general)

I could imagine to help to translate requests to English and back to German & Portuguese, as far as my technical knowledge and time it allows, help to respond and solve problems.

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I was thinking the same, my solution for this would be to translate the title always in English and copy/paste the original title (non-English) in the text body, as first line.

The requester maybe get confused not to see it in his language anymore. But he can always see it under the avatar icon > preferences > activity

This way a request of this kind would also be search-engine friendly.
Someone who just writes “Aiuto, ho bisogno di aiuto” needs a new title anyway. For this a user needs to be Level3. Even then, if a Level1 or Level2 user wants to translate a topic, he just has to translate it with the title of the topic and replay, including it on his request.

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Yes, that is precisely true, the site will be imposible to moderate and completely inusable, we can convert the site in a collage.

This is a extra step.

This is a extra task force and we don’t have many.

Please let’s try to not imply $USER, their only wants to resolve and ISSUE not interact with the system.


I still don’t understand what is the problem here? Why break something which works?

If a $USER or $MODERATOR who can speaks more than one Language can help in resolve issues in diferents categories nobody is stopping their, go ahead and start contributing.

Many discourse site use this aproach. → looks here for example, and other categories doesn’t have may activities too.

However the Community decide.


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to discuss how to organize and manage a new Category. There we also will see who wants to give a commitment and who is ready to help to do it on a new way.

This is part of your post., what we really needs is who is be able to help in other categories diferentes to english


I guess I feel like it’s not working, because:

  • it looks like the non-english categories are ghost-towns, which
    1. makes those categories in particular look non-inviting and
    2. makes the whole site look kind of bad because it’s part of the overall first impression
  • the whole front page, “start here”, and category choice when posting are harder to navigate in the language a huge majority of apparent actual users are comfortable working in

The latter thing would be a worthwhile cost if we had, vibrant multi-lingual participation. But I don’t know how to get us to that. :frowning:

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Sorry, but I think that this couldn’t work. It is a big effort!
The forum should be self sustainable. I can’t imagine a forum where people translate the topics forth and back.

I would like to stop the discussion for a bit, and focus on: what is the topic of this discussion? What is the issue we are discussing? Why we are discussing that? Because I lost the track :sweat_smile:

  • non-english categories are ghost-towns: there are few questions, not only few answers; low traffic, low interest (I know people that prefer to use the Ask in English category even if their mother tongue is different). And this could not be seen as a problem, we are a welcoming international community, but
  • we have these ghost-towns that at a first glance make the forum looks as little active
  • this kind of categorization prevents a different setup of this site

Is it?

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A post in the English forum with a Non-English Heading does not get attention.
Just let non-english speakers know how to translate their post.

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Please don’t cook a “language salad” on this excellent website. English is and will be the most common technical language on this planet.

Objectively speaking, there at least of couple of issues:

  • Only a small number of languages have separate categories. This excludes the speakers of many other languages.
  • The separation of categories means less eyes on those posts because many people don’t view those categories at all.

The problem with this line of thought is that these days we have many non-technical users using Linux. Linux users now include people who know very little about technology. Some have trouble figuring out how to post on a forum at all.

In the last few years I am amazed at the diversity of people I have seen posting on Linux users. From 80+ year old retirees who found Linux as a way to keep their older hardware alive to 10 year old kids who love to experiment.