How to run php in a toolbox container?

How can I easily start PHP (and a web server) inside a toolbox container to debug that?

  As a variant: contact the PHP-devel mailing list (Fedora Software Interest Group).

Better to use podman directly and running a specifc PHP/apache container?
Or you can install apache and php rpms in toolbox, but I don’t really know if toolbox exposes TCP ports. Another issue could be systemd, as far as I know you can’t start services using systemd services inside a container (but don’t trust me, I’m not very up to date).

In the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P), search for and select Debug : Attach to Node Process. There will probably be several Node processes running inside the container . We want the process that is running our application, so select the one that shows bin/www . Next, open index.

Hello @biilout
Maybe I misunderstood the original question.
What are you talking about?
I thought the question was related to Fedora toolbox (podman, containers, docker), and you?

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