How to unsubscribe from other Language categories

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I see there are categories for discussions in languages I cannot read, and a recent post suggested unsubscribing to them. I’ve been through my preferences, the FAQs and all the buttons I could find in the UI, but the unsubscribe eludes me. How to unsubscribe from a category?

That post was in the Community Blog:

Go to your profile and choose Preferences at the far right. Then, click on Categories on the left under Notifications. In the section Muted at the bottom, add all of the languages you don’t speak. For me, that’s this:

muted categories


In your profile under Categories and select all language (categories) that you don’t want to track in Muted Section. only muted top-level categories or language

as a note you only need to muted or un-track the top language category this automatic muted the sub-categories…


category = Language
sub-category = Where magic happen :mage:

This reduce the amount of muted when :fedora: Discourse grow up in Language

I also suggest take a look here welcome-to-ask-fedora-please-read-me-first that give you an overview about the site.

NOTE: Every time a language will be added you need to do the same step… to add it to muted section…

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Thanks, that did the trick! The post talked of subscribing and opt-in/opt-out and the terminology didn’t click with me.

We’ve put a GIF in the posts in the #start-here category, haven’t we? Should we improve it?

With the every day use and the load of new Question in various language, I realize and found something weird:

1.- If true that When you muted a category it disappears from the left side and also all sub-categories involves in it… BUT
2.- When a Question come on sub-category, it still visible from the right side on the latest list

so muted all category and sub-category that you want to track and keep you view clean…

This step has not impact in The star-here! and is still valid…

Regards, and forgive me… I’m a little sorry