I need to find an old archive iso

I’m trying to find an archived iso image for a Fedora Spin – Fedora Jam for Fedora versions 20 and 21. Before you tell me that these are old and unsafe, I realize that. This will not be used to connect to the internet; it will be used in a music studio setting.

The thing is our band uses Line6 equipment, and the linux driver for line6 is broken after linux kernel 3.13, so I need an old version to use Guitarix and daw recording in linux.

I’ve verified the 3.13 kernel - I am testing on a live usb with Ubuntu 14.04-2, and it works. But I’m not a fan of ubuntu, I’d rather use fedora.

All of our equipment is working when using a studio in windows, but I prefer to steer us into free software.


That’s perfect. Thank you!


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