I want play android games on fedora 36

i’ve been dealing with this for days and i hope to wait for the solution from fedora pros here.
Now i will tell what i tried to do!
: I downloaded waydroid and i downloaded google play store and google play services.when i click google play store its openin for 1 second and closing.After i found a video at youtube that i dont understand his language.but its probably about my problem.look: Waydroid no Manjaro com PlayStore - YouTube . At 4:19 , you can see the warning “device is not google certified” so after this man writing a code into terminal and see device ID of the waydroid.After he learned the device Id.He is going google site and pasting device ID that he learned from code, and he is making his device google certified and after he is opening google play store with no problem.

Now my problem is that: when im pasting that code that for learning device ID, ıts giving me ERROR. Its saying “Unable to open database file”. i will paste the whats saying code complete

Error: unable to open database “/data/data/com.google.android.gsf/databases/gservices.db”: unable to open database file

So how to solve “unable to open database file”