Icon Theme used in Fedora Core 2-6

Just browsed through time on the version history of Fedora including its desktop screenshots (showing background and icons). Myself having started my computer journey on an Amiga 500, I am intrigued by those retro icons used in Fedora Core 2-6 (potentially even 1) and wonder if there is a place where one can still download and use them in nowadays Fedora without much effort. I mean, first step would be to find those icons… somewhere. Typically, I guess GNOME Look would possibly a good start, but it would help to know how this set was actually named or otherwise one looks for the needle in the haystack.

Does anyone know what this set was called and/or even better where it can be obtained (if it is still obtainable, that is)?



There are packages in Fedora repos:

sudo dnf search bluecurve

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