Install and use Composer with wordpress on Fedora Linux distro

Hi, I install WordPress on Fedora and I want to use Composer.
I search with the DNF tool and I saw many packages:
# dnf search Composer
How can I use it. Any help?

Hello @mythcat …! Welcome to the community! Please do take a few minutes to go over the introductory posts in #start-here when you have the time. They contain lots of useful information.

composer is in update repo in :fedora:

Name         : composer
Version      : 2.0.8
Release      : 1.fc33
Architecture : noarch
Size         : 410 k
Source       : composer-2.0.8-1.fc33.src.rpm
Repository   : updates
Summary      : Dependency Manager for PHP
URL          :
License      : MIT
Description  : Composer helps you declare, manage and install dependencies of
             : PHP projects, ensuring you have the right stack everywhere.
             : Documentation:

what is the output of this two commands?:

dnf repolist
dnf repolist enabled


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