Installed Mugshot but it won't launch

But it wont launch.

start it from a command line (terminal) and see what the output / error messages are.

How and from where did you install mugshot? (I am asking because it’s not in Fedora’s repositories).

I cloned the repo and built / installed it.
And I downloaded the source code tarball.


I think I only ran the install py script from the repo.
Would they both be the same?

Has mugshot been ported to Python 3?

EDIT: I was looking at the Launchpad repo, but it was moved to github and yes, it has been ported.

EDIT2: Python 3.10 ElementTree does not have getiterator, it seems iter is the new way to do it

I figured it all out, thanks.

Could you let the community know what the solution was, so others can benefit when the face the same issue?

There is a build (a bit older), but may still work since xfce is not changing much in 3 years

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I cloned the repo, ran the script, installed a dependency which was needed, then did what was in the troubleshooting section.


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