Installing nvidia drivers on a fedora 36 (in dual boot with windows 11) with secure boot enabled

Just trying to help, no blame, no shame …


You backed out of Fedora yet you are offering advice to people using fedora on a fedora forum?

You certainly may do as you wish, but please make your posts relevant to the topic at hand.

Hey @computersavvy Do you have any idea why this model appears?
Intel® UHD Graphics 630 Table (CFL GT2) / Intel® UHD Graphics 630 Table

I have followed the same steps that you recommended in another post to install my nvidia drivers.

You and I have the same laptop, have you already installed F36?

Yes, I am running F36. The only issue I can note is that with wayland the external monitor does not work, but with xorg it does.
Which command gave you that output?