Is it good to use both Snap and Flatpak? Or just one of them!

Hey, as new to linux,
While i prefer to install apps from rpm
Some apps are only available in Snap and Flatpak

So as linux newbie i have few questions,

  1. If i install some apps from snap and other apps from flatpak,

Will it hurt my machine performance wise?

  1. Or i should only use either Flatpak (or snap) to install this apps


It’s fine to use flatpak and snaps. The only penalty is usage of disk space.


I dont mind Disk penalty

Which one way, i should prefer to install apps?
Rpm > Flatpak > Snap
Rpm > Snap > Flatpak

It is completely a personal preference.

I prefer flatpaks to snaps because snapd has a lot of telemetry built into it.

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Flatpak, Snap are containerized apps … in Ubuntu you have Microsoft apps in snaps like Visual Studio Code or simply .rpm in Fedora. You can mix them up as you like. The initial idea seems to put apps in a closed environment moving away from weak opensource dependencies but Fedora is backed by Red Hat so …

I use both and it works fine. :slight_smile:


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