Is the RTL8812AU chipset supported on Fedora 30?

Out of the box? If not, how to install the driver?

Hardware is supported or not supported by the linux kernel that a distribution uses. Some distributions like ubuntu are really rarley updating the linux kernel. In fedora the linux kernel is updated verry regularly, thus more hardware is supported.
You can try a bootable usbstick to check if all of your hardware is supported to your liking.
Further information to your chipset can you find in the gentoo wiki.

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It has to be manually installed, below is the information for the driver I used.

I had to manually install dkms, git and kernel-devel. (I’m on F30 XFCE)

git clone -b v5.3.4
cd rtl*
sudo ./

Would you have the time to write a “howto” post on this please?

PS: edited your post to properly format the commands. Please use the formatting tools, especially with commands that users are meant to copy-paste. If they’re not marked as code blocks, they’ll be unicode and that’ll cause issues when pasted in terminals.

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Try this one:
rpmbuild --rebuild
rpm -Uvh $HOME/rpmbuild/RPMS/$HOSTTYPE/rtl8812au-kmod-5.3.4-1.$HOSTTYPE.rpm